Sound and vision used to be relatively simple - getting the best result for your enjoyment. Now it's also about convenience, keeping up with changing technology and services like Netflix and other streaming services, sound and video throughout your home or business and whatever's coming next. That's where the Sturmans knowledge and experience comes in and Ironically, while we look expensive, we can often beat the discounter. And where we always beat everyone is getting your purchase set up and working properly with no fuss. The only job for you is to enjoy.

Sturmans re-invented ordering online - on the phone line! 

You can't put our advice in a box and mail it, so we handle your order by phone to make sure you get exactly what you want and ensure your security and satisfaction. It's much easier! Ask us a question - any question about sound or vision on (02) 4226 6690.

Who'd buy a performance car without a test drive? Test drive your audiovisual at Sturmans with your favourite CD's or DVDs or speakers etc. It costs NO MORE!


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Gizmodo likes the new Panasonic UHD Player too! https://t.co/gz60Lbn2z0

Sennheiser Momentum series got mentioned 3x in this article. https://t.co/806hWXiiZ9

@_Qulture @dmq9000 Happy to be of service. Let us know if you have any questions (big or small) anytime in the future.

First come, first served! 2nd Hand Denon DP29F turntable with brand new Stylus $130. https://t.co/OYKhg359vG

New HEOS Link now with added Bluetooth and High Res audio playback but the same Price! https://t.co/EyLn7gdmvD

2GB is streaming on all our devices at the moment. Lets hope it stays that way. :)

Get an Eftpos card valued up to $400 when you buy eligible Panasonic TV and Recorder bundles. For more info go to: https://t.co/nybBoRPHpE

2UE seems to be streaming again (hopefully it will keep working) but 2GB is now not streaming on some devices.

2UE is once again not working on some devices. Maybe yesterday was just a test? We will keep you up to date.

2UE seems to have resolved their streaming problems today. 2UE is once again streaming on Sonos, Heos, Sangean.