Marantz MCR610



Fill your favourite room with superb sound quality with the Marantz CR610 Network CD Receiver which features a broad range of listening options, including network streaming music from Spotify and Internet Radio, as well as your favourite free internet radio stations via the built-in vTuner service. It is equipped with a CD player that's compatible with CD-R and CD-RW media and the AirPlay function lets you wirelessly listen to your favourite tracks from your iTunes library. Featuring digital amplifier technology, the CR610 is compatible with a wide range of speaker systems, including low impedance speakers as well as bi-amp capable speakers. With four 30 watt amplifiers, you can configure the unit for high power 60 watts per channel operation for a single pair of speakers, or you can connect two pairs of speakers at 30 watts per channel for each pair. The CR610 comes with a deluxe remote control and it can also be controlled with your smartphone or tablet with the Marantz Remote App (available in iOS and Android versions).

The Marantz CR610, winner of What Hi-Fi? Sound and Vision's System of the Year* award: "takes the idea of the micro hi-fi and gives it a bang up to date twist. Yes, it has a CD player, amplifier and radio tuner built-in, but it can also stream music directly from a computer, over a home network via Wi-Fi or cable, from iPhones and iPads using AirPlay, or from services such as Spotify and It looks slick in a choice of all-black or black and white gloss finishes, and you can even control it using free apps on your tablet or smartphone". *What Hi-Fi Awards 2013: PRODUCT OF THE YEAR - Best music system 400-800.

Built-in Wi-Fi with Diversity Antenna; Ethernet Port

You can connect the CR610 to your home network via the Ethernet port on the rear panel, or connect wirelessly via Wi-Fi, the unit features a Diversity Antenna system and is Wi-Fi Multi Media certified for optimum Wi-Fi connectivity. It also features push-button Wi-Fi Protected Setup and simple iOS Wi-Fi sharing for quick and easy connection to your home Wi-Fi network.

A World of Internet Streaming Options

Stream your favourite music from Spotify (subscription required) or choose from a broad range of free internet radio stations via the built-in vTuner service.

AirPlay Music Streaming for iTunes

Featuring AirPlay technology, the CR610 lets you listen to your favourite iTunes tracks, either wirelessly via shared Wi-Fi, or simply connect your iOS device directly to one of the two available USB ports (one each on the front and rear panels).

Built-in CD Player with CD-R/CD-RW Compatibility

You can play regular music CDs, and play CD-R and CD-RW discs, and the CD player is compatible with MP3 and WMA tracks. You can also play other file types from a USB device or files stored on your PC or NAS device, including WAV, MPEG-4 AAC, FLAC and ALAC files.

Digital Amplifier Technology

There are four 30 watt digital amplifiers that deliver clear audio with lowest distortion, and the amplifier section can be configured a number of ways. You can connect a single pair of speakers, and the system can output 60 watts per channel. You can also connect a pair of bi-amp compatible speakers. You can connect two pairs of speakers for different rooms, with the ability to have one or both pairs operational at the same time.

Windows 8, Windows RT, iOS, Android, DLNA 1.5 Compatibility

For the widest range of control and connection options, the CR610 supports a broad array of sources, including Windows 8 and Windows RT devices, iOS and Android smartphones and tablets. It's also DLNA 1.5 Certified for connecting to a PC or NAS drive on your home network.

Marantz Remote App

The CR610 comes with a deluxe remote control, and you can also easily control it with your favorite iOS or Android device via the Marantz Remote App, which lets you select one or both pairs of speakers to suit your listening preferences.

Digitally Transmitted Playback for iPhone and iPod; Charging Function

Via either of the available USB ports, you can directly connect your iOS device to the unit. When your device is connected, you can listen via direct digital connection and your device recharges at the same time. When the unit is in standby mode and your device is connected, the recharging function is still active.

Optical Digital Input

With the optical digital input, you can connect the CR610 to your TV and enjoy superior digital audio playback, or connect it to any other source that has an optical digital audio output.

3 Line OLED Display

The front panel features a clear and legible 3 line Organic Light Emitting Diode display, with numerical and text display capability and wide angle view for easy operation and control.

Compact Chassis for Installation Flexibility

The compact chassis is less than 30cm wide, around 30cm deep and is only 11cm tall, which lets you easily install the CR610 in a wide range of spaces.

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