Aktimate Mini+ B

Active speaker with USB and BlueTooth

Mini+ B

The AktiMate Mini was the first model of this exciting range to be released - back in 2007. Again there were improvements over the years and the 2012 introduction of the Mini+ saw some dramatic changes in response to customer demand. We have now taken that one step further by introducing the Mini+ B.

This system provides you with 2 x RCA inputs (L&R) which are ideal for connecting a CD player, tuner, or other line level source. The AUX 3.5mm socket is ideal for connecting to a computer sound card, AirPort Express, or any other type of MP3 player. There is also an RCA out option, making this ideal for the connection of multiple pairs of AktiMates.

We have now added a USB 24bit/96kHz maximum sampling rate for PC use connection, a subwoofer out and Bluetooth 4.0. The iPod dock has been removed. It should be noted that the USB input on the AktiMate Mini+ B is for use with a PC only. It does not accommodate an MP3 player (you would use the 3.5mm line in option), nor does it accommodate a USB stick. Cosmetically it features the new look aluminium tweeter ring which identifies the Bluetooth range of products from AktiMate.

Your AktiMate Mini+ B is an ideal TV speaker. Connection is simple using one of the RCA inputs. Alternatively it is possible to use the 3.5mm into a headphone out on your TV. Input selection is either by remote control or by use of the control knob on the front of the speaker. The selection operates on a cycle - Bluetooth/USB/Aux 1 (RCA)/Aux 2 (RCA)/3.5 line input.

The control knob has two functions - volume control and input selection. To operate the volume, rotate the knob right or left to increase or decrease the level. The blue LED in the window will flash when the volume level is changing. There are 30 level steps from 0 to maximum. A short press on the control knob will cycle through the inputs - Bluetooth/USB/Aux 1 (RCA)/Aux 2 (RCA)/3.5 line input.

It is possible to run multiple pairs of Aktimate Mini+ B speakers with an RCA stereo cable. Simply connect between the Aux RCA output of the master pair and one of the aux RCA inputs of the second pair. The source connected to the first pair will then play simultaneously through the second pair. The volume can be controlled by the master volume, but the level can then be increased on the slave pair(s) to suit the conditions in that location.

The newly designed remote control is a joy to use - it has to be one of the simplest remotes on the market today. The buttons are clearly marked with with their function - for the most part using words rather than symbols! All selections are clearly described. In addition to input selection you also have basic control of your music selection when using the Bluetooth option in conjunction with your smart device. Pressing the Mute button on the top right will cut the sound from all inputs and a Red LED will light. When muted, any device will continue to play but will not be heard. When taken out of mute the volume will be unchanged.

The Mini+ B in addition to a number of connection cables also comes complete with speaker wire, so you can literally unpack, connect the speakers, connect to mains power, switch on, select Bluetooth, pair with your device and you are listening to your favourite music through superb hi-fi stereo speakers within minutes of walking through your front door. And what can be better than that!

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