Topfield TRF2400



The TRF2400 Masterpiece HD is a feature packed PVR that gives it the edge over other recorders on the market. The Masterpiece HD won the sound + image and SMARTHOUSE Award for best PVR in Australia. Since the crowning of the award the Masterpiece HD has seen new features such as wireless capabilities, DLNA streaming and Quad Recording.

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Another update for Freeview+.

Plans to expand DAB....will Wollongong be part of the expansion? We hope so.

Wifi or Bluetooth speaker? With Heos:1 why not have both?

Cambridge Audio's new Bluetooth speaker...The YOYO!

The "Add" is now available in Australia and has landed at Sturmans!

Freeview FV now supports Google Chromecast.

Yamaha have made choosing a soundbar easy!

Read about the history of one of our favourite turntables. Starting from the 1990's!

Yamaha MusicCast wins Multiroom System of the year (AGAIN!)