The availability of visual entertainment has never been wider and it gets better and better every day.

The enjoyment offered by a properly chosen and set-up projector system is a world away from the ordinary - it's the only way to get the true movie magic in your home.

Panasonic projector

Together with a surround sound system, a good quality projector screen, Blu-ray player and home theatre seating, you can rival the experience of even the best movie theatres.  

Choosing a home theatre projector is surprisingly easy - simply use your eyes and look at the picture.

Of course, we've all seen the results of projection systems that were not well chosen and set-up. That's why you need to start with a Sturmans demonstration, where you can see the result you will achieve in your home.

More than any other component, expert installation is essential, not only for the entertainment result but also for neatness, professionalism and how the system fits your home.



Data projectors are a great way of communicating a message.  As a significant investment it's important to get the right one.  That's where Sturmans experience and expertise come into play. 

The wrong system can result in disastrous presentation. That's why it's essential to see and try your choice with a proper demonstration in an environment similar to its intended use. It costs no more.

The other big advantage of buying from Sturmans, is that our advice and support is just a phone call away.

things to consider:

  • Where will it be used? 

    • A conference room (5-20 people)  
    • A hall (50-500 people)  
    • A room with lots of windows
  • Where are you projecting the image?
  • Will you be using a projection screen?
  • Do you need it to be portable?
  • What resolution do you need?

epson presentation

Projector Screens - all types

Projectors should be seen as a two-piece system. You won't achieve the very best results unless you have the right screen.  Sturmans will help you make the right decision for your projector and you room. We also provide portable screens for optimum results in presentations and educational applications.

 Things to consider:

  • The right size is not just about what you want to watch, but matching the brightness of your projector
  • How far away is your viewing position?
  • How high from the floor should your screen be?
  • Do you need a fixed or a drop-down or hidden screen?
  • Do you need a portable screen?

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